Hi there!

What’s a Wyndotte? Good question. We have an answer for that and this seems like as good a time as any to explain ourselves.

Short answer: It’s a chicken. Specifically a pageant bird. Your Hunny-Boo-Boo of chickens.

It’s also the street Christian Monzon grew up on out in the San Fernando Valley. Except that street is spelled with another ‘a’ (like the actual bird). But he always thought the extra ‘a’ was silly. So when he decided to start a little production company, a name was born.

Why did we go with yndot for the site name? Another good question. You are full good questions. No good answer there, except, what’s a google? Exactly!

Welcome to Wyndotte Street. Your show chicken of original videos sites. We have comedy series, stand-up, improv, music and more on the way.

Our blog has new stuff, clips from our library and a roundup of fun things we find around the web. Check out our picture gallery with production stills, behind the scenes and snapshots from over the years.

Our friends at SnobbyRobot.com, (a great site that covers web series, film making and new media) has more info on us in a blog post HERE.

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Also, be sure to us check out on www.hypescreen.com, a great directory of awesome web shows.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all: yndotStreet@gmail.com.

Thanks for watching! Please enjoy.