What’s next from Wyndotte Street? So glad you asked . . .  We’re going to be posting a lot of new material.

A new comedy web series. A desert crime drama. A serialized novella . . . pretty much everything we can think of.

And we’re going to be a lot better about spreading the word (we promise).

But first we’d like to thank Evolutionary Artists Los Angeles (www.facebook.com/evolutionaryartistsonline) for having us over for an informal reading of the novella over the weekend. An incredibly valuable experience. These are the finest performers in the city and very generous with their time. Very special thanks to Alice Carter Thor, who makes very cool things possible.

The story is a return to Paradise Lost, with heroin in place of an apple. Weary travelers head for (and away from) home on a bouncing cross-country bus. A waitress and a fry-cook face humanity’s next great test at a mid-western diner.

We call it The Long Old Lonesome Go.

Stay tuned for more at www.yndotStreet.com. Or follow us here!


Book cover with a slug crawling across garden leaves