Clocking Out Office Comedy. Tommy Jeffers Hates His Job, So He’s Getting Himself Fired.

Executive Producer, Writer – Christian Monzon.
Director – Jason Weissbrod.
Director of Photography – Jeremiah Kent.
Producer, First AD – Staci Lawrence.
Grip – Eddie Scannell.
1st Assistant Camera – Geri Logan.
Set Builder – Manny Herrera.
Grip – Maz Siam Boom Operator – Michael Sujek.
Costume Designer – Oren Levy.
Sound Mixer – Thomas Popp.
Hair & Makeup Artist, PA – Tina Shults.
Script Supervisor – Will Klipstine.
Light Saber Consultant – Alan Meunier.
Craft Services – Ceciley Jenkins.
Special Thanks – Arash Khairi.

FEATURING – Christian Monzon, Jason Weissbrod, Mariana Klaveno, Maz Siam, Staci Lawrence, Will Klipstine, Geri Logan, Alessandra Castro, Ashton Shane, Cynthia Pacheco, Deanna Smith, Alexandra Choi, Sara Rehnmark, Luciana Terroni, Jeremiah Kent, Ron Weissbrod, Sam Shokati BACKGROUND – Tina Shults, Aleksandr Bible, Ceciley Jenkins, Chad Napier, Damien Marques, Dan Rogerson, Denise Pater, Derrick Tuggle, Jacinta Robert, Jennifer Kelsey, Nick Vanetta, Pamela Evansen, Preben Sorensen, Rima Yasbeck, Rosalind Belcher, Sandra Kunz, Sarah Uplinger, Stewart Tain, Tim Banks, Jr, Manny Herrera, Gus Martinez, Luckas DeKourt, Rosemary Spence, Alejandra Cejudo, Morrison Keddie, Steven Villari, Sarah Uplinger, Laura Herman, Jessica LaFrance.

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Where I Learned To Fight (Billy Tupper’s Knockout Bout)

 Billy Tupper Episode #6 That's Where I Learned To Fight . . . Mid-punch, Billy’s mind returns to a traumatic childhood party. Meanwhile, the impatient mob boss takes matters into his own hands. Billy Tupper is the world’s sweetest, dumbest, most enthusiastic fighter....

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Want to go get a beer . . . Selected Scenes From High Desert A stranded motorist without a lot of options, a con-artist couple, on the run with a busted radiator, a reluctant hero who makes sure to take his cut. Classic cars, long highways and a giant sky. When the...

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He Sneezed Out A Tooth (Billy Tupper’s Knockout Bout)

Billy Tupper Episode #5: He Sneezed Out A Tooth . . . The gym fight doctor shares war stories while patching Billy up after his first three fights. Impressed by Billy's grit and determination, Doc gives Billy some important contacts in the local business community....

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HIGH DESERT BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Interviews, Clips and More

When the radio fades, you're leaving the bubble . . . A look behind the scenes at High Desert, with clips, interviews, stills and a run through the LA river in an original muscle car. It's is a Western, with cars instead of horses. Featuring Jack Elliot, Ashley...

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Thanks Coach (Billy Tupper’s Knockout Bout)

Billy Tupper Episode #4 Thanks Coach . . . Billy thinks back to some good advice from Coach, which he immediately ignores. Worried, Baby Doll decides to find out more about these trained killers. Join Billy, the world’s sweetest, dumbest, most enthusiastic fighter as...

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