SHOW PROMO: Welcome To Wyndotte Street!

Wyndotte Street Joins Cox Cable: An Experiment In Original Video Begins In Virginia

(Or . . . sure, TV’s moving online these days . . . but we’re moving back!)

Starting this October, local Cox television channels across Virginia will begin airing original comedy and music from Los Angeles-based, independent film company Wyndotte Street Productions.

The unique trade-for-space agreement provides content for Cox’s growing Creative Services department while promoting Wyndotte Street’s web site ( and videos streaming on Amazon (search: Wyndotte Street). This also makes the same original video content available to all of the company’s local markets, nationwide. More on that soon.

Wyndotte Street creates and monetizes original scripted and live video content in a way that only just now even exists. Each individual clip is an advertisement for the rest of Wyndotte Street’s library. The goal is simply to find as many eyeballs as possible. So this is a terrific, if unexpected, opportunity: The world of television may be moving online . . . but we’re moving back!

The half-hour episodes of “Welcome To Wyndotte Street” will bounce between Wyndotte Street series, sketch, political satire and music clips. The general comedy theme is ridiculous stuff happening in an ordinary environment. Like a post-modern comic strip. The characters tend to be extremely enthusiastic, likable and dumb. The show also includes live music and behind-the-scenes footage of upcoming projects.


Fridays at 8pm, with replays throughout the week.
– Cox 11 (and 1011 in HD) in Hampton Roads
– Cox 9 (and 1009 in HD) in Roanoke
– Cox 74 (1074 in HD) in Fairfax County
– Cox 77 (and 1077 in HD) in Fredericksburg

Wyndotte Street offers a variety of funny clips you are welcome to include on your site for free. Contact us for an online catalogue.

Thank you, Virginia. This is going to be fun!