The Naked Man Comedy Series: Episode One – In A World Full Of Danger, A Hero Arrives. But Why Is He Naked?

Executive Producer – Christian Monzon
Written, Produced and Directed by Adam Fike
Producer – Jacob Welshans
Cinematographer – Mark Ryan
FEATURING – Christian Monzon, Asher Levine, Brigett Fink Levine, Sam Levine and Jacob Welshans.

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The Naked Man Comedy Series

In a world full of danger, a hero arrives. But why is he naked?

Follow along as a completely naked stranger rescues trapped citizens from a fire, frees hostages and foils a bank robbery, transplants a kidney in a broken-down ambulance and captures a community’s heart. He meets a lost love and fights his brother to the death. All before anybody can finally ask . . . but why are you naked?

Very funny and safe for work.

Naked Man

I’m@Work (Sketch Series)

Office gossip turns ugly, a new efficiency expert comes to town, that big report goes horribly wrong, trouble with the company health plan and a receptionist that’s playing her own tune.

Those people in the office building you drive past every day sure are weird.


Clocking Out – Comedy Series

Tommy Jeffers hates his job, So he’s getting himself fired.

Along his best friend Paul, he cooks up a bunch of work-disrupting ideas. Giant chicken fighting a gorilla. Scuba gear coffee service. A spit-ball Western shootout. Sumo Uno. Robot balloon delivery. Full costume light saber battles. An awesome mid-day break room beer luau. And they’re just getting started.

Tommy’s plan is going great . . . until the girl of his dreams walks through the door. Her new job is to fire him. It may be time for a new plan.

Clocking Out

The Wyndotte Street Variety Show

Standup, Improv and original music filmed live at the Ruby Theater, Hollywood, Ca.

Featuring Derek Carter, Asa Danekind, Billy Posley, B. Owen Robinson, Zack Beseda, Laura Mannino, Steve Randolph. Tamra Brown, Franklin Marshall III, Laura Mannino, Dick Beck, Tillery Johnson.

Wyndotte Street Variety Show

Vote Wally Panther!

The product of talk radio and wealthy grandparents, Candidate Wallace Panther’s views may be misguided, but his heart is pure.

Join Wally as he outlines his core values (never trust newspapers, helping people is wrong, etc.), meets his new campaign manager and faces the campaign’s first major challenge: The Pizza Guy.

Vote Wally Panther!

AND COMING SOON: Billy Tupper’s Knockout Bout and High Desert . . .

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