Billy Tupper Episode #4

Thanks Coach . . . Billy thinks back to some good advice from Coach, which he immediately ignores. Worried, Baby Doll decides to find out more about these trained killers.

Join Billy, the world’s sweetest, dumbest, most enthusiastic fighter as he goes toe-to-toe with an entire gym full of trained killers in one night. In the ring, he’s mostly a danger to himself. But fighters fight. And tonight there’s a belt on the line.

Watch Billy HERE.

“Say, I hear you’re fighting tonight . . .”

“That’s how I lost my sight, staring at a man’s brains getting knocked out in the ring . . . ”

“No, no, no . . . No feeling at all.”

“I’m too classy for this shitbox town.”


BILLY TUPPER’S KNOCKOUT BOUT: A local mob boss meets trained killers in a dark fighting gym. It’s an initiation of sorts. First one to beat Billy to death wins. Billy’s first opponent doesn’t waste any time. Dazed, he thinks back to the after-hours deal that gave him his big break. Billy goes toe-to-toe with another fighter as his mind returns to an important conversation with his favorite waitress. Billy thinks back to some good advice from Coach. Worried, Baby Doll decides to find out more about these trained killers. The gym fight doctor shares war stories as he patches Billy up. Billy and Baby Doll make big plans for their future. Mid-fight, Billy’s mind returns to a traumatic childhood party. The impatient mob boss takes matters into his own hands while Billy faces an old foe while coming to terms with his past and the tragic accident that lead to his fighting career. Watch the whole series HERE.

Produced By Christian Monzon & Adam Fike
Written & Directed by Adam Fike
Director Of Photography Mark Ryan
Original Music Chad Olivera
Associate Producer Dick Beck
Associate Producer & Fight Choreographer Don King Jr.
Production Sound Mixer Kevin Bellante
Boom Operator Tamara Gajic
Associate Producer & Voice Talent Coordinator Brigett Fink
Dream Voices: Melinda Blum, Benjamin Dematoff, Asher Levine, Sam Levine, Jill Franklin
Fight Makeup Norell Elnadov

Alessandro Mastrobuono
Pam Xiong
Katie Stevens
Eric Sorensen
Maz Siam
Owen Robinson
DC Porter
Daniel Park
Fred Ochs
Michael Mcknight
Sean Marin
Kate Luyben
Charlie Liang
Anastasia Kondratyeva
Don King Jr.
Ashley Harris
Ryan Haley
Luis Figueroa
Blake Boyd
Jefferson Black
Dick Beck
Christian Monzon

Filmed On Location
Venoms Boxing Club
Sun Valley, CA

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